House Hunting With Kids

House Hunting With Kids

When my husband and I decided to buy our house, we were at such a different place — mentally, professionally, and generally. By “generally” I mean that we didn’t have kids yet.

Now that we’re beginning to outgrow our house, we’re looking at the market with such different eyes. Where once we were looking primarily at aesthetics, now we’re looking for functionality. We want storage. We want a garage. Is there baseboard heating (we just won’t risk having it while our girls are little)? What’s the school district?

And then there’s the big question mark over how the girls will react to the big change. Big question marks stress me out.

So I’m turning to you, my dear readers. Have you gone through a big move lately? What things have you had to consider that you didn’t before you were parents? How did you manage the transition with your kiddos? I want all your stories!


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