Making time for sex

Seattle Mommy Blog: Making time for sex

Sex was something that my husband and I had to figure out after we had our first baby. It wasn’t for lack of wanting – after I recovered, I really wanted to have sex with him and vice versa. We just couldn’t figure out when to do it!

A couple of months ago, I read this post by superblogger Joanna Goddard called “Do or Don’t?: Scheduling Sex” and I was practically shouting at my screen, “Do! Do it! You’re an idiot if you don’t!”

I think that if you believe you can have a great sex life as a new parent without scheduling sex, you’re not being honest with yourself. I know, I know, it seems like it takes the spontaneity out of things — but can I just say that sex with my husband got even steamier when we started planning a little?

There’s something about both of you being ready, of having something to look forward to, that makes it exciting. Before I got pregnant, it seemed like half the time one of us would be too full, too tired, or too preoccupied to have sex anyway. But once we started making dates to rendezvous in our bedroom, we could block out our schedules, take naps, and eat lighter in preparation. I also found myself with something to look forward to.

Sex is really important to a happy relationship, so it’s worth making time for. We think of it as an investment in our family. Ha!

How do you keep your sex life spicy these days?


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