Morning sickness during the holidays

Seattle Mommy Blog: Morning Sickness at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I’m SO happy that I can indulge this year. Last year I was suffering from major morning sickness on the best food day of the year. It was the worst! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but with the thought of all that food and the possibility of ruining it for everyone else by having to run to the loo all the time, I considered skipping the festivities all together.

While I didn’t get to pig out like I usually do, I didn’t end up missing out on the whole day either. Here are my tips for getting through it:

Keep your secret weapon close by. For me, it was those lollipops that they make specifically for morning sickness. Thank heavens for those – I’m not sure I would’ve survived otherwise! I kept a whole bunch of them in my purse that day, along with plenty of mint tea and some saltines.

Sit away from the smells. If you have issues with aromas during this period, figure out a way to sit near the bread basket while steering clear of the turkey itself. This was hard for me, since the women in my family like to congregate in the kitchen and I ended up having to hang out in the living room with the football-loving men. Why does this still happen in the 21st Century?! In any case, bring a book or a knitting project or a crossword if you don’t love football or whatever bad movie is on TV.

Limit yourself. I know, I know. It’s hard. But you’ll be far less likely to get sick if you just eat a little at a time. Also, don’t feel like you need to eat everything! If people are offended that you’ve passed on their green bean casserole, tough luck to them.

Duck out if you need to. Thanksgiving can be overwhelming, even if you’re not pregnant. Step outside if you need to. And if things get weird, you can always use your morning sickness as an excuse to leave early, no questions asked! (Not that I did that, no siree.)

If you’re going through morning sickness this Thanksgiving, I’m sending the best of luck! And remember, you’ll always have next year to indulge. You could even make your own Thanksgiving dinner all over again once you’re further into your pregnancy — believe me, you’ll be hungry for EVERYTHING then!


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