Time out for mom and dad

Seattle Mommy Blog: Finding Alone Time

And suddenly it’s Christmastime! You guys, even though I started my shopping over the summer I’m nowhere near to being done. This used to be okay before I had two kids, because I could just spend the last couple of weeks shopping during my every waking moment. But now it’s time divided between pick ups and drop offs and naps and mealtimes — yikes!

I’ve been coming across a lot of stuff recently about how important it is to take time for yourself, especially as a parent. My husband and I took a step toward this by planning dates and bedroom rendezvous but that’s really couple time, not alone time.

My kids aren’t the only ones who get cranky if they’re tired. We parents do too. And since I’m something of an introvert, being among people all the time can drain my energy. So my husband and I have resolved to make half an hour for ourselves each day. For an hour after dinner, we’ll spend time with our girls (ages three and one) playing games. One of us will take half an hour to do whatever we want — meditate, write, read, stare into space — and at the 30 minute mark we’ll switch out.

I’ll keep you updated on how this works out for us. But let me tell you, I’m already looking forward to those 30 minutes and it’s only 8am.

How do you recharge and find alone time?


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