Meeting Other Mamas in Seattle

When my husband and I were in our first year of marriage, we adopted a puppy. Even though we’d done a lot of research on the breed and reading on how to raise a dog, we had no idea what we were in for. There were sleepless nights and countless trips outside. We were worried every time we left her alone in her crate — to go to the supermarket or a quick trip to the bank. A neighbor told us about a puppy play group that met on the weekends, and in retrospect, I think it was our saving grace. Every Sunday, we had an hour to let our puppies loose while we stood around and commiserated over the difficulties of being a puppy parent.

Just knowing that there are other people out there going through the exact same things you are is a relief in itself. So when we had our first baby, we didn’t hesitate to sign up for a few playgroups and classes because we knew the added benefit would be new friendships with other new parents. Many of the people we met in those early days are still our friends. We’ve seen each other through more pregnancies, big decisions, and huge life changes.

I always encourage my friends who are about to become parents to consider a meetup group. In case you’re interested, here are a few good ones in the Seattle area:

At My Smart Hands™ Bothell – Sign language for babies and parents

Seattle Stay at Home Dads

Later in Life Moms of Edmonds – For moms 35 and over

Valley Mothers of Multiples

Greater Seattle Working Moms


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