Problems with your kid’s teacher

Our friends recently pulled their 7-year-old out of his private school and put him in public school. They didn’t make the decision not because of expense or commute or anything like that. They did it because they didn’t like their son’s second grade teacher.

Does that sound rash? It did to us at first too, if I’m being honest. But then we heard the entire story and realized that we would have made the same decision if we’d been through what they’d been through.

Without revealing too many details, I’ll just say that their son was being treated unfairly for a significant period of time before the parents set up a conference. The teacher “justified” her actions, saying that their son needed to be singled out if he was going to catch up with the advanced students in the class. Her choice of vocabulary was “tough love.” After meeting again with the teacher and the principal and seeing their son continue to withdraw, they made the big decision to move him.

They say it was the best decision they ever made. Their son is once again the happy-go-lucky kid they knew him to be in the first grade.

According to this post on the blog Today’s Parent, our friends went through almost all of the steps professionals recommend. The exception is that they never asked to monitor the class themselves. They felt that the teacher would put on an act at that point anyway. Their son’s daily tears provided the evidence they needed that something was very wrong.

Have you ever disliked any of your child’s teachers? Has it worked to conference with them?





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